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Our Story

Everyone has their own
Peace of Maine.

No matter where we go or who we talk to, it seems that everyone has a connection to Maine. For many, in only one visit they’re hooked. Still others have a long family history of slow summers on the lake or the coast, or perhaps crisp, active winters in the mountains. It has the ability to touch all of the senses, creating lasting memories. It’s more than a place, it evokes emotion in the deepest sense.


This is the feeling of Maine.


Our story is not unlike so many others who experience Maine yet for us, like you, it is unique. We are fortunate to be able to return each summer to our family’s camp on Webb Lake in Weld. Five generations of us have lived a Peace of the Maine dream, and have brought many along the way who immediately fall in love with our Maine. In 2007 our special town needed a shirt so just like that, My Peace of Maine came to be. Our little idea for our little summer town has grown to be a big wish for us to help everyone recapture the feeling their own Maine gives.


Where is Your Peace of Maine? It needs a shirt.

Heritage Day in Weld

An annual event in July celebrating the history of a truly special town.

Sebago Lake

Thompson's Point in Naples, one of seven towns abutting Sebago, the deepest and second largest lake in the state of Maine.

Camp Dexter

A beautiful bass caught and released from the family dock at Camp Dexter.


Mom and Dad, high school sweethearts since the age of 14. Loving each other and their Peace of Maine, for a lifetime. 

Webb Lake in Weld

End of tubing, end of day, end of summer...

Memories made, memories kept.

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